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If you are looking for quality digital video productions, office administration or you need project management services we have it all. 

You can learn more about our qualifications and why we are a good choice for all your needs by clicking the "Why Us" button below.



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Digital Media Productions, Video Edit/Slideshow, Web Design
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Get Organized, In Your Home Office
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Project/Program Management, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Program Manager
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Digital Media

Our Digital Media Production Services involves developing, creating and editing videos, photos, audio recordings and our clients music and producing high quality digital output. 

Weather that is creating a promotional video for your website, a DVD, or a video for a specific format, or building websites we offer comprehensive services to meet the digital needs of our customers. We can even create a full blown commercial for broadcast TV. 
see sample

We may use Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere CC, or other sophisticated video editing software or hardware to create animations, special effects, visual images or other media for internet based use.

Digital Media Productions

We also may use story-boarding, "the art of putting images in a logical sequence for multimedia, to produce quality products for our customers.

We have a decade of experience in digital media and with our Project and Program Management skill sets we know how to deliver on-time digital projects. Projects not only completed in a timely fashion but with an emphasis on top-notch customer service and the delivery of a superior product.

So no matter if you want a DVD created for a birthday party, a wedding video edited, a top-notch website, or a simple modification or enhancement to some old photos we can do it all at ARAND Video Services.

Under our  site you will find our Video Editing or DVD photo slideshows services, and under the same umbrella you can go directly to our Website Design Services.

ARAND Video Services Why Us
Office Admin
Office Admin

Your Home Office.  

In order to be successful and achieve this goal, the most important step is to first identify a room that will endorse office efficiency and comfort.


You can determine that on your own and even decorate it to match your personality, but our skills can be combined with our other Core Services such  Graphic Design, Project  or Program Management Services.   

Our Graphic Design is broad allowing us to help you design your special projects for advertisements and to lay out your publications such as proposals, newsletters, flyers, annual reports, brochures, pamphlets, church directories, photo manipulation and SO MUCH MORE!

We also provide  Website Design and Video Montages to provide a unique prospect in handling our clients' needs.   

Project Mgmt.

  However, there is one big difference in the above roles. They differ in that a "Project" would have a specific end where as a "Program" would be continuous in nature. Also a Project manager would typically have a higher management coordination role.

The  project manager is ultimately responsible and accountable for the successful delivery of our client's project to help them set up office equipment, database, telecommunications and financial accounting systems.

Program & Project Management

Our role as Program or Project Management:

Will track status of work plans, resources, and

deliverable(s) for individual projects. Rolls up

project information for overall program

coordination, reporting, and communication.

Develop status reports for both equipment, 

documentation and content for communications

concerning the project. Do updates and track Issue

logs ensuring activities are closed in a timely manner.

Prepare schedules, plans and budgets, as required.  Will also contact suppliers to obtain pertinent documentation for project completion and do document control to process all documentation in accordance with contractual agreements.

We will also prepare and process your RFP and create your proposal presentation with plans, specifications and financial terms (PR/PO and tracking of invoices) of the contract. Assist with business development initiatives and ensure master plans and schedules are followed; also develop solutions to program challenges and direct both. 

ARAND Video Services

We can also help you achieve operational objectives by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; prepare and complete action plans; implement production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.   Resolve problems, complete audits, identify trends, determine system improvements and implement change.  We will also meet financial objectives by forecasting requirements for plan vs actual, prepare an annual budget, schedule expenditures, analyze variances and initiate corrective actions.

Our Program and Project resources have decades of experience managing all levels of programs and projects. We can also provide specific tasks such as: Risk management strategies, plan and set milestones, analytical skills, leadership, organizational and presentation skills, and a thorough understanding of program and/or project management processes.

To inquiry further about our services or if you would like a price quote please contact us today. 

Email: or by Phone: 424-239-0334

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