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ABOUT US - We have over 20 years of experience in creating websites, storyboards, adding/cutting video and specialize in making sure all the pieces are professionally aligned. 
About ARAND Video Services

   "After Resurrection A New Destiny" will be in place!  ~ Revelations 21:1-8 ~ 

We take pride in our work and always work very closely with our clients to ensure their final product is exactly what they envisioned, "spectacular"!

 It's not totally about us -- It's about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as He is in control of our walk in how we treat our customers. 

Our company's name was given to us so we can help remind others that the Lord will return to rebuild His new Temple.  

It's Not

about us

Because we are Christians, our mission is to help customers create a professional video montage or website without the worry of being charged for every added attraction or any hidden cost. 

We stand by our strong beliefs to treat our customers the way the Lord expects fairness in every business deal, and we work hard to bless our clients with fond memories of how we helped them accomplish their vision.   

Why Us
A. Jones, Jr. - Benecia, CA -
A. & E. Goodlow - Pittsburg
B. Deal - Vancouver, WA
C. Mason, Oakland, CA
S. Gordon – Pittsburg, CA
Mr. & Mrs. A. Banks – Oakland, CA -
Justin & Anastasia - London, England
V. Fletcher - Chicago, IL
V. Fletcher - Chicago, IL
Diane Diggs, Lansdale, PA
J. Urie - Toronto, Canada
Lady J. – Antioch, CA –
Beauty Boutique
D. Durley, Turlock, CA
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