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VIDEO PROJECT IDEAS - We are here to help and serve

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Here at ARAND Video Services we like to offer unique ideas and ways to celebrate family and friends with ways to show your appreciate for them or just want to capture a big event in a cleaver way. We prepared the below creative projects to spur the imagination of those who visit our site.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about an idea that you have thought about but need some additional help just let us know.  You can go to our Contact Us Page we are here to help and serve:

Video Yearbook

Have you and your network of friends included in a project to put together a video year book that includes pictures and video along with your favorite school songs. Instead having your friend’s sign your year book why not take 2-3 photos of up to 20 of your closes friends. Then choose the simple script (or come up with your own) to record a short 1 minute video signature for each person. 

Then send us the pictures and video along with selecting your favorite songs and we can produce your own Video Year Book… Staring YOU!

Note: For a limited time we are running a special discount version of Video Year Book. We are calling it “Fav-Five” which you can learn more about this on our specials page but in essence we have taken a different spin on “the “Fav-Five Commercial “ when you get together with your four friends to create a Fav-Five” Video Year Book.

Special Effects

You've always known video can be shot in color and black-and-white, but did you know that virtually every color effect you see on TV can be recreated in your own DVD video? 

Whether it’s the old-fashioned auburn warmth of sepia tones, the surreal vibrancy of color over-saturation, or the overexposed glow of polarized film or a dramatic 3D effect, to give your video the Hollywood treatment.

And what if you had your heart set on creating a video movie shot on Super 8 or 16mm film, but just couldn’t get behind the noisy cameras, expensive film, developing costs or elaborate lighting set-ups? 

Now you can have ARAND Video take your photos and short video footage and add scratches and burns that give your DVD the time-worn romance of a vintage film. We can do all kinds of fun special effects but what is better than telling you about these features is being able to show you. 

Click on the player below to see a sample of these effects in action.

Video Invites

One of the hottest trends in Sweet Sixteen videos starts long before the first "Happy Birthday!" Video invitations are rapidly becoming all the rage. 

In lieu of a traditional paper invitation, guests receive a DVD in the mail which features a preview of the party -- often a photo slideshow of the Sweet Sixteen girl as she grows from babyhood to age 16, or of her with her friends.

The DVD then gives all the pertinent party information. In many cases, if you instruct guests to pop them in their computers, after the video plays, ARAND Video can create a Flash Ad to display a link to a party website (great because you can update info on the site as needed!). 

Other options include a PDF document that guests can print out in case they want to hang on to the party info. 

Video project ideas

Here are some other great ideas for creating those “how-to-shoot reality clip videos:

  • Baby to Bride video: Send us pictures from the birth of your child, through small child, adolescents, young adult up to getting married pictures. 

  • How to shoot a same shot video : (the same poses during several different times during an event) individual as well as group shots, and don’t forget scenery/location shots. 

  • Sweet-Sixteen party: Send us your photos and video of the party and include pictures from each year up to 16 years of age. 

  • This is your life video: Send us pictures that showcase your subject from a baby, a child, teenager, young adult. Include school, work and church life. Then narrate audio segments that tell the life of your subject. 

  • “Me, My Life, and what I want to share with the world” video: Capturing candid photo shots of your subject doing everyday ordinary day to day things. Then take three up to 4 minute clips of video that lets your subject tell the world about themselves, their live, and what they want to share with the world.

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