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Wedding Planning Ideas

Welcome to ARAND Video Services wedding planning ideas page. First, congratulations on your engagement!  We understand how exciting yet challenging planning a wedding can be. Here at ARAND Video we like to be a resource for creative and unique ideas to help with your wedding planning. This page contains several unique ideas to help you immortalize your wedding day and share your love for all to see. From some video projects to capture your wedding day, to photo shots you wouldn’t want to miss and to the Wedding Music Playlists that signifies your marriage bliss.

If you are going to hire a photographer, or planning to have a family member or friend take pictures we have prepared a comprehensive list of photography shots that I am sure you will find useful. You can compile your own list and make sure to discuss ahead of time with your photographer so you won’t miss any once in a lifetime shot. We are dedicated to helping you plan the day of your dreams and after your wedding we can help “bring all the pieces together” in a custom designed wedding DVD you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. 

(Click here to see our wedding sample playlist on our samples page or see the additional wedding video playlist below)

Additional Wedding Video Playlist

Wedding Streaming Video

With parents near New York, a brother outside Dallas and a best friend in Las Vegas, it’s difficult enough to get everyone assembled at your wedding, let alone share memories with them after the event. 

But by working with ARAND Video you can have your DVD posted securely online. All you have to do is give them a password  and friends & family can relive the excitement of the day over the Internet.

Because shorter versions stream much better, it’s a good idea to let us know up front if you like to include a “wedding highlights” version online.

Wedding Vip Credits

VIP Credits:
Between summer camp, high school, college, and now your career, there’s a pretty good chance that the most important people in your life may not know all that much about each other. And just as your wedding program introduces your friends and family to each other, video credits are a great way to celebrate your nearest and dearest.

Compile a classic program-style list of names and relationships, or choose a video still or photo of each person and write up a short caption that reveals a little about who they are and what they mean to you.

Wedding Video Guest Book

Instead of a traditional book and pen, why not have your guest book attendant record your guests’ well-wishes with a camcorder. 

To avoid making camera-shy friends and family feel put on the spot, have your attendant ask them simply to say their names and where they’re from. And if bolder guests want to add a sweet sentiment, let them know they’re free to do so.

Bride & Groom commentary

Bride & Groom Commentary

Can’t be there to screen your video with the friends and family that matter most? Why not include a Bride and Groom’s Commentary in your wedding DVD.

By capturing the heartfelt and spontaneous reactions, thoughts and feelings you experience as you relive your wedding day, you create a vibrant memory that will last a lifetime. And for faraway loves ones, hearing your running commentary makes it seems almost as if you are sitting beside them as they watch your wedding video.

Love Story:
For true romantics, no video style is more apropos than the Love Story. Captured forever on camera, the Love Story allows brides and grooms to tell the story of how they met and fell in love through pre-wedding interviews, photographs, and video clips.

The video might also include loved one’s memories and impressions, as well as reactions to the engagement, and thoughts about the wedding day. Edited together with wedding footage, or kept as a stand-alone video that can be screened at the reception, the Love Story preserves the romance of your wedding for generations to come.

Love story wedding video style
Time shifting

The edgy concept of Time Shifting is fast catching the attention of the video world and ARAND Video has the expertise to bring all the pieces together. We use the technique to move pieces of your wedding day around to create a unique and different story of your wedding day.

By taking clips of memorable moments from where they fit in a traditional timeline and using them again elsewhere to express emotional depth, Time Shifted videos play like films with the beautiful flashbacks woven throughout.

For example, audio of your vow exchange might float over video of you dancing your first dance. Or video framing your mother as she toasts you at your reception may be edited with images of her helping you with your veil before the ceremony.

If you have any questions about any of our wedding planning ideas or need help with an wedding idea of your own just let us know. 

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