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Digital Marketing Consultation


Digital Marketing Consultation is a ARAND Video Service for assessing your organization's digital marketing and recommending quick fixes for improvement during a one-on-one consultation. $149

This offer provides

  • A digital marketing assessment and report

  • A 30-minute online consultation

  • A document with steps you can take to improve your website


About Digital Marketing Consultation

The consultation provides a professional diagnosis of what might be hindering your digital marketing efforts and an actionable prescription for improvement.

  • Digital Marketing Report: You'll receive a report that highlights key areas of improvement for your organization's digital marketing strategy.

  • Digital Marketing Diagnosis: Our digital marketing experts will examine your Digital Marketing Report and schedule a 30-minute consultation with your organization to provide an initial diagnosis for improving your digital marketing.

  • Digital Marketing Prescription: After your consultation, our experts will send you a do-it-yourself prescription for making improvements on your own or guide you to the appropriate resources based on your budget and time constraints.


Obtaining This Service

When ARAND Video Services approves your request, we will send a confirmation message to your organization email address. Within two business days, a ARAND Video Services representative will contact you to provide this service.

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